In menu: Press ENTER to start the game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the cursor. Press left or right to adjust sliders. Move the cursor to the bottom and press Z to see the "STAR TILES" menu. From there press X or select "GO BACK" to return to the game options. In game: Use the ARROW KEYS to select a tile. Press and hold Z to grab it. The cursor will change color. Then press the ARROW KEYS to move it. Try to match at least four in a row, horizontally or vertically. Press ENTER to pause the game. See the manual for more information.

Fydo's Magic Tiles is a match-four action puzzle game for Game Boy and compatible systems! Match at least 4 tiles vertical or horizontal and clear them from the board. Pop magic bubbles with a match right next to them. Match 6 or more to start a combo, and keep matching to get bonus stars! Find and unlock all 17 Star Tiles to complete the game!


  • Game art by Tom Sutton & featuring art by Graylure.
  • Cute character, Fydo!
  • Featuring 3 banger tracks by Max Chappell. Soundtrack includes all the original compositions, the Game Boy mixes, and 2 unreleased tracks in FLAC and MP3.
  • The whole game is 32 kilobytes!
  • This game is free to play online. (You will get better responsiveness from the ROM.)
  • Support the project for at least $4 USD, and you'll get the ROM to play on an emulator of your choice or to flash to a cartridge of your own, as well as the digital soundtrack and pdf manual.
  •  Fydo's Magic Tiles physical game carts are available, for play on Game Boy compatible game systems! $40 USD, shipping included. See below!

Release date Sep 01, 2022
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Made withClip Studio Paint, Aseprite
TagsCute, Fast-Paced, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Tetris
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Smartphone


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FMTManual.pdf 1 MB
Soundtrack (FLAC and MP3).zip 78 MB 32 kB

Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Purchase a physical cartridge!

For $40 USD you can purchase a physical cartridge for play on Game Boy compatible systems. This package includes:

  • Fydo's Magic Tiles Cartridge
  • Fold-out Game Manual
  • Custom Packaging

Worldwide standard shipping is included! 

Be sure to submit your shipping info through (at the bottom the "Download" page) or PayPal! Phone numbers are required for EU recipients.

For more information about shipping, taxes, and international sales, read this.

Please allow 2 weeks for assembly and up to 6 additional weeks for international shipping. Package tracking may be available depending on your location. Your order will be marked as 'Fulfilled' on the Download page when it is shipped! If your package includes tracking, I will email you a tracking number.

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My best score is 666 should I be concerned?

Totally normal, simply let the demonic forces enter your soul and you'll do better next time!


Wonderful puzzle game, took me a second to get used to holding the tile then moving after I got used to that, it was a ton of fun. I made a gameplay video and posted it to YouTube. Wonderfully done!


Insanely addictive! I love it!


one of those games that suck you in for hours, although you just wanted to have a quick burst of gameplay :D


So happy you enjoy it!

Hi, are there physical copies ready to ship? Asking for a birthday present.

I typically ship once a week, and then it can take 1-2 weeks to arrive if you are in the US. But  I do have some copies ready to go!


I'm already hopelessly addicted to this game. My thumbs hurt with joy!

Hi! A friend of mine bought the game for me and i tried to play it on my smartphone (I don't have a Gameboy, or any other portable console), but the game crashes right after the Gameboy boot animation. The emulator i'm using is Pizza Boy Pro, could you take a look and see if there is a solution?

Some versions of Pizza Boy are GBA-only so may not support the GB/GBC instructions that make up the game code. There is are also free and paid versions of Pizza Boy GBC if you like their UI. Double check and make sure your version supports GB/GBC games.

The emulator I recommend for Android to play Fydo's Magic Tiles is GBC.emu. I personally use an older version called GBC.emu Free V.1.5.12, as newer versions are paywalled. APKPure is a repo of old publicly available apps and is fairly safe place to download them from.

Let me know if that's helpful!

(1 edit)

Yes, i'm using Pizza Boy GBC Pro, sorry, i forget the "GBC". I like to use GBC Bios, and when i'm booting the game, the emulator freezes in N1nt3ndo logo. I have others homebrew games and this happen only with Fydo's. 

I think the only actionable recommendation I can make is to try a different emulator. Wish I could help more.


$4 for an awesome game? Instant buy! I am playing this on my Analogue Pocket and it's really fun! I will definitely be buying this physically when It's available! This is a wonderful game! Thanks for making it!


Thank you so much! More physical releases coming later this year.


It's so great on the Pocket! That soundtrack!


super cute I loved it



why did you take the download down?

I didn't, the game is free to play online, and costs $4 to download.

(1 edit)

well it not since you have set up ,where does not cost money to download it but have no file to download... mean  if you did payed there still be no file to download... also it annoying how free but  i can't play  in a emulator or  on a flash cart and  you can,t even pay for  psychical cart  since there solded out...


I'm happy you enjoy the game. The game is 'pay what you like' to accommodate the physical sales but you won't be able to see the downloads if you don't pay, or if you pay less than $4.  If you'd like to purchase a physical copy, I will have more for sale in the future, probably mid-2023. The small profit from ROM downloads and the first run helps me produce the next batch of cartridges and put a little bit towards producing my next Game Boy game.

Congrats on selling out, quick question though, kinda a newb on this site and was lucky to snag a cartridge. Should I be looking out for a shipment confirmation email? This game is super cute and cant wait to play it on my GBC!

Hey, if I have mailed it, I think it will be marked 'Fulfilled' on your download page (which you can access through your purchase confirmation email or your personal 'Downloads' page). I have a handful more to send out this week but send me an email (ohnotomsutton@gmail) from your account email and I'll check the status and get back to you as soon as I can. If you are not in Canada/US it could take up to 6 weeks to see it arrive but I've kept a few extra just in case some get misplaced at customs or lost in transit.

TYSM this was a giant help, it is as you said and it does say fulfilled! Supper excited!!!


Congrats on selling all cartridges :')


Thanks! I appreciate the support for the game. Glad I can call this project successful!


this is addictive



I spent way too long on this. It's really good and everybody should give this a go!


ONLY MY THIRD ATTEMPT I GOT 999 IN CUTE MODE >:)  very addicting, great music, adorable graphics, 10/10 not even kidding. this whole game reeks of charm and quality. (in a good way!)   I LOVE THIS AAAAAA

'bout fourth try for me. So tricky but fair!


Thank you for sharing this. 💙


I lost so much of my day playing this, having a blast! 

This is such a lovely game!! Fantastic art and music, wonderful gameplay

Made it to 323! What's the high score?


You can complete the game if you collect all the Star Tiles, which might include getting 999 on the highest speed? Who knows.... the star tiles are mysterious and magical.

This game is really fun and also looks fantastic, the music is great too specially I loved the "tense" music :P

(1 edit)

So I don't know if I did something wrong or if there's a second page or something, but when I click "Get for $50.00", it only asks me for credit card details but not mailing address... Am I doing something wrong? How do I get my hands on this cartridge?


There is a short form to fill out after the payment. If you're concerned you paid but haven't claimed the reward, send me an email at with the email attached to your itch account, and I can confirm the status of your purchase.

Alright, thanks for helping me get that taken care of!


Thank you for your support! I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the game.


I was today years old when I realized you could move horizontally AND vertically in Fydo's Magic Tiles. This game is super cute and fun, and can't wait for the physical edition to play this on my physical gameboy and Super Gameboy!

This games is a lot of fun. From the sound design to the game mechanics. My only critique is there is some odd behavior when playing on actual hardware, e.g. screen wipes are chunky and some screens the background doesn't load.

I appreciate the good feedback. I would be grateful if you could you shoot me an email with more info about any bugs, if you have a chance. Thanks!

Love it!

So cute, good tunes, nicely polished. Everything feels dialed in just right. Now just need to play enough to get some combos and build strategy.

BTW, since the web version is using binjgb there is also usb gamepad support. May need to click to set focus for the browser.

USB/Bluetooth/etc Gamepad:

  • Chrome / Firefox Mapping ( when "standard" gamepad available):
  • A, B = A / B
  • L/R/U/D = Use D-Pad
  • Start = Start button
  • Default mapping otherwise :
  • Rotate = First two buttons  
  • Start and Select = Second two buttons

I like to check out new Gameboy stuff on itch, but I usually don't end up getting sucked in for this long! Really love your game, perfect distillation of the "short-session tile-matchers" that Gameboy is perfect for. Really got into a flow state while playing. And I won! Great work.

This is a blast! Love the vibes!

A game made after my favorite green cat with a wizard hat?! I'm in!

I must have that physical release! Great game Tom!

Great Game!

Really fun game!! Glad I got to see the end!

Absolutely love this game, it looks incredibly polished for a 32k rom and it plays great (Even if I kinda suck at it), the sound part is a little bit bare perhaps, I can imagine space is really limited so stuff like channel 1 sweeps are used for sfx, the music is nice though. Not sure if the goal was to put the whole game on 32k but perhaps there could be some "deluxe" version with features such as highscore saving and the tunes listed as unused on the soundtrack, regardless, great job!

this game is so fun and the graphics are so good. Once I found out I can move blocks up and down it almost got too easy

I suggest you try the top speed!


Hello I am fydo and I approve of this game. It’s fantastic, magical AND fun!

Also Tom is awesome.


Hey Fydo! How do supporters pledge money for a physical copy? I got an email announcing what’s included in the different tiers but not sure how to pledge :)

(2 edits) (+3)

The game and donations will be released on September 1st around 7AM Pacific Time. To get the cartridge when the game is out, CLICK THE "GET FOR $50" BUTTON NEXT TO THE REWARD DESCRIPTION, otherwise you won't have properly claimed it. Hope that helps!


That absolutely helps! Thank you for responding so quickly!


Might say, "Support this Project".... this is my first game release so I'm figuring it out, too.


Ah there is a button that says "Get for $50" next to the reward. Advice to anyone else would be to click that.