In menu: Press ENTER to start the game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the cursor. Press left or right to adjust sliders. Move the cursor to the bottom and press Z to see the "STAR TILES" menu. From there press X or select "GO BACK" to return to the game options. In game: Use the ARROW KEYS to select a tile. Press and hold Z to grab it. The cursor will change color. Then press the ARROW KEYS to move it. Try to match at least four in a row, horizontally or vertically. Press ENTER to pause the game. See the manual for more information.

Fydo's Magic Tiles is a match-four action puzzle game for Game Boy and compatible systems! Match at least 4 tiles vertical or horizontal and clear them from the board. Pop magic bubbles with a match right next to them. Match 6 or more to start a combo, and keep matching to get bonus stars! Find and unlock all 17 Star Tiles to complete the game!


  • Game art by Tom Sutton & featuring art by Graylure.
  • Cute character, Fydo!
  • Featuring 3 banger tracks by Max Chappell. Soundtrack includes all the original compositions, the Game Boy mixes, and 2 unreleased tracks in FLAC and MP3.
  • The whole game is 32 kilobytes!
  • This game is free to play online. (You will get better responsiveness from the ROM.)
  • Support the project at any amount over $1 USD and get the digital soundtrack and pdf manual.
  • Support the project for at least $4 USD, and you'll get the ROM to play on an emulator of your choice or to flash to a cartridge of your own.
  • Support the project for at least $50 USD and I will mail you a Fydo's Magic Tiles: Special First Edition physical game cart for Game Boy compatible game systems! (Worldwide non-tracked standard postage included, only 100 available). This includes a mini game box, mini handbook, three 2" stickers, a 1" pin, and a shipping tin with custom sleeve. Please allow 4-5 weeks for assembly and delivery. Click the "Get for $50" button in the description below to claim this reward.
Updated 18 days ago
Release date 33 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCute, Fast-Paced, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Tetris
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Smartphone


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FMTManual.pdf 1 MB
if you pay $1 USD or more
Soundtrack (FLAC and MP3).zip 78 MB
if you pay $1 USD or more 32 kB
if you pay $4 USD or more

Exclusive content

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Support & Receive a Physical Cartridge

If you love this game, get a physical copy for play on your handheld!

This handmade package includes:
Green game cartridge for play on Game Boy compatible game systems with cartridge case.
- Mini box and mini game handbook.
- Three 2" Fydo stickers.
- One 1" Fydo pin.
- Collector's card.
- Shipping tin with custom sleeve.
- Includes worldwide, standard parcel postage (no tracking available). Please allow up to 4-5 weeks for assembly and shipping.

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I spent way too long on this. It's really good and everybody should give this a go!

ONLY MY THIRD ATTEMPT I GOT 999 IN CUTE MODE >:)  very addicting, great music, adorable graphics, 10/10 not even kidding. this whole game reeks of charm and quality. (in a good way!)   I LOVE THIS AAAAAA


Thank you for sharing this. 💙


I lost so much of my day playing this, having a blast! 

This is such a lovely game!! Fantastic art and music, wonderful gameplay

Made it to 323! What's the high score?


You can complete the game if you collect all the Star Tiles, which might include getting 999 on the highest speed? Who knows.... the star tiles are mysterious and magical.

This game is really fun and also looks fantastic, the music is great too specially I loved the "tense" music :P

(1 edit)

So I don't know if I did something wrong or if there's a second page or something, but when I click "Get for $50.00", it only asks me for credit card details but not mailing address... Am I doing something wrong? How do I get my hands on this cartridge?


There is a short form to fill out after the payment. If you're concerned you paid but haven't claimed the reward, send me an email at with the email attached to your itch account, and I can confirm the status of your purchase.

Alright, thanks for helping me get that taken care of!


Thank you for your support! I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the game.


I was today years old when I realized you could move horizontally AND vertically in Fydo's Magic Tiles. This game is super cute and fun, and can't wait for the physical edition to play this on my physical gameboy and Super Gameboy!

This games is a lot of fun. From the sound design to the game mechanics. My only critique is there is some odd behavior when playing on actual hardware, e.g. screen wipes are chunky and some screens the background doesn't load.

I appreciate the good feedback. I would be grateful if you could you shoot me an email with more info about any bugs, if you have a chance. Thanks!

Love it!

So cute, good tunes, nicely polished. Everything feels dialed in just right. Now just need to play enough to get some combos and build strategy.

BTW, since the web version is using binjgb there is also usb gamepad support. May need to click to set focus for the browser.

USB/Bluetooth/etc Gamepad:

  • Chrome / Firefox Mapping ( when "standard" gamepad available):
  • A, B = A / B
  • L/R/U/D = Use D-Pad
  • Start = Start button
  • Default mapping otherwise :
  • Rotate = First two buttons  
  • Start and Select = Second two buttons

I like to check out new Gameboy stuff on itch, but I usually don't end up getting sucked in for this long! Really love your game, perfect distillation of the "short-session tile-matchers" that Gameboy is perfect for. Really got into a flow state while playing. And I won! Great work.

This is a blast! Love the vibes!

A game made after my favorite green cat with a wizard hat?! I'm in!

I must have that physical release! Great game Tom!

Great Game!

Really fun game!! Glad I got to see the end!

Absolutely love this game, it looks incredibly polished for a 32k rom and it plays great (Even if I kinda suck at it), the sound part is a little bit bare perhaps, I can imagine space is really limited so stuff like channel 1 sweeps are used for sfx, the music is nice though. Not sure if the goal was to put the whole game on 32k but perhaps there could be some "deluxe" version with features such as highscore saving and the tunes listed as unused on the soundtrack, regardless, great job!

this game is so fun and the graphics are so good. Once I found out I can move blocks up and down it almost got too easy

I suggest you try the top speed!


Hello I am fydo and I approve of this game. It’s fantastic, magical AND fun!

Also Tom is awesome.


Hey Fydo! How do supporters pledge money for a physical copy? I got an email announcing what’s included in the different tiers but not sure how to pledge :)

(2 edits) (+3)

The game and donations will be released on September 1st around 7AM Pacific Time. To get the cartridge when the game is out, CLICK THE "GET FOR $50" BUTTON NEXT TO THE REWARD DESCRIPTION, otherwise you won't have properly claimed it. Hope that helps!


That absolutely helps! Thank you for responding so quickly!


Might say, "Support this Project".... this is my first game release so I'm figuring it out, too.


Ah there is a button that says "Get for $50" next to the reward. Advice to anyone else would be to click that.